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Infant Brain Injury Attorney Serving Odessa

As the parent of a child born with a brain injury, your family is likely to face significant challenges in the years ahead. Now is a time when you could benefit from the advice of an experienced and compassionate attorney.

At the Lovett Law Firm, we represent families who have been harmed by the negligence of others. If your child's injury was caused by doctor or hospital negligence, your recovery from a medical malpractice lawsuit may help pay for the cost of your child's present and future needs. It can also call attention to errors that caused your child's injury. In doing so, you may save other families from experiencing the heartache that your family has experienced.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation with attorney Rob Lovett. We represent families in Odessa, El Paso, Las Cruces and other communities in West Texas and southern New Mexico in cases involving birth injuries.

Was My Child's Brain Injury Preventable?

There are risks in the birthing process, and serious injuries can occur even when the doctor and hospital staff did everything they were supposed to do. However, sometimes brain injury is caused by the failure of the doctor or hospital staff to respond appropriately to fetal distress. Brain injury in a newborn is usually caused by oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) during the birthing process. In many cases, medical professionals can prevent hypoxia by carefully monitoring the child and performing an emergency caesarian section if necessary.

Lawyer Rob Lovett will review your hospital records and consult with qualified experts to determine if your doctor and hospital staff did everything they were supposed to do.

Infant Brain Injury Law Firm Serving Odessa, El Paso And Las Cruces

Sit down with our highly experienced lawyer to discuss your infant brain injury case. We will review your situation, explain your rights and help you understand your options.

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